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My name is Gherardo Mattia Mongardini. I’ve been interested in Chinese martial arts and culture since I was 16 years old. I had a chance to go to Hong Kong for a year and live with a local family (Host Family). I studied in a Hong Kong college. My host family gave me the Chinese name, Chung Wai Lok (“rare happiness'”).


The idea of studying Wing Chun afterschool was very interesting, so I decided to commit myself to finding a school where to practice it. I was thrilled by the way it was taught and applied by the Grand Master Wan Kam Leung. So I decided to learn and understand this art by training every day and continuously for that year, the following years having no commitments of any kind such as school or work I decided to continue my way back to Hong Kong and continue to study for another 2 years with the Grand Master Wan Kam Leung also taking private lessons 5 times a week, reaching a total of about 40 hours a week.
During the last year I started taking private lessons of Qi Gong, continuing my training, helping the Grand Master Wan Kam Leung to teach as part of his certified instructors, and giving me the name of Sifu Lok or Lok Gau Lin (instructor Lok) in the ‘Headquarters of Hong Kong.
Today I feel honored to have been the first person to have introduced and made it possible for a lot of people to know about Practical WingChun in various locations. I still follow Grand Master Wan Kam Leung for over 7 years and represent GM Wan Kam Leung at a national and international level, I do not I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done for me in the past and when I needed it. Not only do I honor him and respect him as the Grand Master for excellence but respect him and will always consider him as a second father.