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What is Qi Gong!?



Practicing Qigong continuously, you will be able to focus all your energy and concentration in a single action or body part. With gradual and continuous practice, you can accustom the body to a particular type of impact, strengthening it and “teaching” it to protect itself from a trauma. The combination of these methods allow, over time and with the right approach, to develop high resistance to impact without damage to your health.


The benefits of QiGong can’t be summarized in a few words it would be ridiculous, but below are listed the most general benefits:QiGong


Optimize body potential – Improve the condition of internal organs – Adjust and strengthen the nervous system – Improve cardiovascular system – Strengthen the immune system – Improve metabolism, purifying all substances not necessary for the body – Strengthen the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and blood vessels – Increase reflexes, instinct and blood circulation – Keeping the body flexible even in old age by eliminating the risks of stress and improving skills in meditation – Calming the mind and the breathing , improves the oxygenation, and increases the ability of concentration and memorization – Eliminate fatigue and increase the speeding up recovery time both physically and mentally – Adjust vitality, which becomes optimal, no moments of excessive euphoria followed by those of full depression.


Practicing Qigong does not mean practicing a martial art or a sport, but it rather represents a ritual, an event where you spend some time every day with yourself, for your well-being.